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 EVE Studio was established in 2014 by MaxGoh Photography and Sk Yong Photo.  In and around that time,  the demand of an all-in-one-stop visual solution centers was burgeoning and there didn’t seem to be many quality service providers in the market.  

Customers are always on the lookout for photographers and videographers that can transfer their dreams and visualisations into reality.  All too often, there is a disparity, a huge gap between what’s in their minds and the resulting digital images, many were over promised and short changed. 

EVE Studio came into the picture to fill this Gap.  We provide high caliber and trained professionals to handle the below services:


Milestone-events in life like Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays bring people together. They help refresh ties and rekindle spirits.  Wedding for example, is not only for the newlyweds but also the friends and relatives who have played important parts in their lives. So it’s important for the host to share some spot-lights and airtime with their guests.
EVE Studio provides photo booth service for all occasions and venues.  Along with the latest fun props and your choice of color-setting backgrounds, we also provide instant photo printing so guests can take home the precious memories etched in prints.

Variety Of Sizes
We offer a range of sizes from the size 2”x6”, 2R (2" x 3") , 4R (4"x6”), 6R (6"x 8"). Sample can be viewed at HERE

Ready Made Backdrop
Different type of backdrop will be ready for you as FOC if you sign up any package from us. Please visit HERE for backdrop details

Many Types of props will be available for your event as FOC also. Please see HERE for details

High Speed Printing
Photos are delivered at 12secs per piece for 4R, 19secs for 6R. 

High Quality Finish
We only use high quality Photo Paper which comes with a semi gloss, durable and water resistant finish. The quality is made to last and the memories will be with you for a long time to come.

Customised Borders (Visit Here)
We can customise borders or templates for each individual wedding or event lending it a personal touch.

Unlimited Prints
Our printer prints at an astonishing speed of 12secs per 4R. It is sufficient to cover for an event of up to 350 paxs. Maximum number of prints will be 900+ for an event. 

Upload To Facebook(Complimentary *)

Group shots will be uploaded to our facebook by the next morning. Your guests can download the soft copies from there. The images are printable to a minimum of 4R size. 'Like' us at FACEBOOK so you will be updated when your pics are uploaded.

For reservation, please email :

EVE Studio provides professional photography through events, celebrations, portraits, family and baby photography to commercial photography, models portfolios & etc.   Our award winning photographers have been in this business since 2009, earning recognitions and accolades for our fresh, honest and sometimes fun, quirkyimages.   We specialize in capturing moments and the essence of the person(s) in those moments and in the best light, and bring forth a fine art sensibility to our work through subtle and “immersive” post productions.

Our staffs are young, exuberant and passionate about our work.  We strive to think and compose our shots “out of the box”.  We listen to our clients and try to learn as much as we can about themselves, their plans and expectations. We search intently for the rare and intimate moments between loved ones, and people surrounding them. We see these (sometimes in split seconds) honest displays of emotions not with our eyes, but with our heart because here is where we find the real connections. These are the "winning seconds" that will encapsulate what is essentially the core emotions, the moment of truth we hope to capture!


EVE Studio also provides contemporary, professional videographers with a passion for telling stories about life’s special occasions.

We specialise in producing cinematic videos that are fresh, personal, captivating and emotive. Instead of simple video recording, we incorporate story-telling, flash backs and montages into our work.  We inject tones and textures, mood and visual effects through our lenses and their movements.  We craft our videos according to our clients’ vision and aspirations; formulate an art direction and style from the initial planning through to the filming and editing.  


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